Captain Evan Zub ends successful season

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Captain Evan Zub ends successful season

Mady Vasbinder, Reporter

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As a senior facing the last few months of his high school career, Evan Zub, captain of the MHS hockey team, reminisces on what got him to where he is today.

Zub has been playing hockey for most of his life, and loves it through and through.

“I started playing when I was around three,” Zub said, whose father helped foster his love for the sport.

“My father was a big hockey fan and he wanted to get me into it, so I took it up and liked it,” Zub said.

For this year’s season, his favorite highlight was beating long-time MHS rival school SMCC. As for highlights of past seasons, he enjoyed making it to states his eighth grade year with his travel team.

Zub doesn’t play just hockey, though. He also enjoys playing both baseball and golf.

Zub is also looking forward to where he will go next after high school. While he is not entirely sure of what university he will attend next year, but he has narrowed down his choices to Monroe County Community College and the University of Toledo.

He plans on studying business and has received scholarships to help fund this education, including a $5,000 one to UT.

Regardless of where he chooses to go next, Zub is sure to go far with what he chooses to pursue, just as he did at MHS.

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