March Madness brackets come to an end

Trey Henderson, Reporter

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The NCAA 2017 March Madness tournament came to an eventful close along with the month after which it’s named. The tournament started with 64 teams from all over the nation, coming from four divisions — Midwest, West, East and South.

From the Midwest division, many fans were rooting for Michigan and Michigan State, but both came just shy of the regional finals (more commonly called the “Elite Eight”) and regional semifinals (more commonly called the “Sweet Sixteen”) respectively. Michigan had a close game with Oregon, which ended with a score of 69 to 68 and Oregon advanced to the regional finals against Kansas and eventually played against North Carolina in the final four, but lost in a close game where North Carolina won by one point, 77 to 76.

Michigan State, another popular team in Monroe, made it to the second round, but ultimately lost to the number one seeded Midwest team, Kansas. Kansas won by 20 points, resulting in a final score of 90 to 70 for Kansas. In the first round, Michigan State beat Miami by 20 points, ending the game with a score of 78 to 58 for Michigan State.

The final game of the tournament was on April 4 and was between Gonzaga and North Carolina. The game was close, with North Carolina winning by six points, giving a final score of 71 to 65, just barely giving North Carolina the win and the whole tournament. North Carolina and Gonzaga came from the South and West divisions respectively, winning every game they played right up until the end when North Carolina took the victory.

In the East division, South Carolina won over Florida to make it to the final four, but ultimately lost in a close game to Gonzaga by just four points. The final score of the game was 77 to 73, giving Gonzaga the win and advancing them to the finals where they would go on to lose in another close game.

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