BPA makes it to states

Trey Henderson, Reporter

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Monroe High’s very own Business Professionals of America made its way to states on March 16-19 in Grand Rapids.

In BPA, there are individual, team, and presentation competitions. “BPA is just one big competition,” senior Sven Wollschlaeger said.

Five of our MHS students went to this competition. “I am very proud of the ones to who went to states even if they didn’t place,” sophomore Anthony Levesque said.

In the competition, the schools throughout the state are called Chapters. “There were about 80 Chapters at the competition with around 10,000 participants,” Levesque said.

Open events are competitions where anyone can participate and compete against one another. “We competed in open events on Saturday from 9 a.m.- 2 p.m.,” Levesque said.

BPA elects state officers who go around the school and in different areas recruit new people into their welcoming club. “Every year at the state conference, the state officers give speeches about their experiences, talk to the delegates, and then answer any questions,” Levesque said.

Even though there is competing going on, Wollschlaeger said the participants are welcoming to each other. “There is always a positive atmosphere and culture in these competitions,” he said.

Before placing in a competition, the participants have to take a test about their knowledge of that area. If they score high enough above other participants, they will place.

Towards the end of the competition, there was an award ceremony where the participants found out where they placed. “I placed second and it felt really great,” Levesque said.

Wollshlaeger and Levesque will be making their way to nationals in Orlando, Florida on May 10- 14.