‘Fist Fight’ packs comedic punch

Emily Tayler, Reporter and Editor

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Released on Feb. 17, “Fist Fight” became a huge hit across the country receiving $16,123,696 in profits according to Box Office Mojo.

Starring Ice Cube and Charlie Day, “Fist Fight” is about two teachers who are trying to withstand the last day of the school year with all of the senior pranks that are going around the high school.

With a baby on the way, Andy Campbell, played by Day, does everything in his will to keep his job which budget cuts have been threatening.

Mr. Strickland, played by Cube, is the school’s toughest teacher. After being fired from his job, Strickland challenged Campbell to a fist fight after school.

While the power of social media does its magic, the rumor of the teacher fight spreads to all the students around the school and Campbell frantically tries to find a way out of the fight.

The movie had a lot of humorous unexpected parts. It kept your mind wandering throughout the whole film and brought a sense of surprise to the movie.

Casting directors chose a wide variety of actors that worked well together to make the movie enjoyable for all viewers.

An especially funny scene featured Campbell and his daughter, Ally Campbell, played by Alexa Nisenson, when they performed at Ally’s school talent show. Instead of going with the original plan, the two performed a vulgar Big Sean song in front of an entire elementary school.

Overall, “Fist Fight” was a comedic movie that was worth seeing.