Gaga stuns world with halftime performance


Trey Henderson , Reporter

With dazzling drones, dazzling outfits and dazzling lights, Lady Gaga left the world star struck after her Super Bowl LI halftime performance.

As Gaga started with “God Bless America,” the world went silent, focused on Gaga and her stunning outfit and her elaborate makeup. Before anyone knew, Gaga leapt off the roof, landing on a pedestal below. At that moment everyone lost it; every major social media platform was abuzz with Gaga and her daring yet spectacular moves.

As she danced about singing her most popular songs, such as “Born This Way,” “Poker Face,” “Telephone,” “Just Dance,” “Bad Romance” and even “Million Reasons” from her newest album “Joanne,” Gaga switched up her outfit, going from a chic silver mirror-shard dress to a stunning golden-spiked jacket and even a white crop top with sparkly shoulder pads. People were concerned with how Gaga would change outfits during her 13-minute solo, but she made it work and impressed us all as was expected.

All throughout the performance, drones flew overhead and the crowd around the stage held batons that all changed color in sync with one another.

As the 13 minutes came to a close, Gaga was carried around the stage then walked up a flight of stairs on stage where she made her final, and quite frankly, most iconic moment of the night. As she reached the top of the stairs she said, “Super Bowl 51!” and then dropped the mic into the crowd. Just a second later, Gaga caught a glittery football and jumped into the crowd, bringing her performance full circle.

As in the words of Lady Gaga herself, this Super Bowl was talented, brilliant, incredible, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same and above all, totally unique.