MHS band ‘Vexatious’ grows in popularity

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MHS band ‘Vexatious’ grows in popularity

Alyssa Domasica, Reporter

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The Beatles started in Liverpool, The Rolling Stones started in London, and Vexatious started in Monroe, Michigan. Vexatious is a metal band that has been rocking Monroe since 2015. In Vexatious, there’s lead vocalist former MHS student Keegan Halasi, and Monroe High sophomore drummer Scott Yensch, junior bassist Brendan DuMoulin and junior guitarist Frank Perna.

The band was first created by DuMoulin and Perna back in eighth grade. They soon connected with Yensch in a 4-H group called “Monroe Music Makers.” After creating Vexatious on Oct. 15, 2015, the band had everything they needed except one thing: a vocalist. They posted on Facebook on the Vexatious account saying they were in need of a new vocalist and Halasi replied .

So far, the band has had over four performances. They performed at several graduation parties and at Monroe High’s talent show in 2016. One of their bigger performances was at The Ritz for The Ritz’s Hellraiser event on Oct. 15. in Warren, Michigan. Both DuMoulin and Perna claimed this performance to be their favorite so far.

“All of the bands had to dress up [for the performance] it was pretty rad,” DuMoulin said.

Since the performance at the Hellraiser event, Vexatious released its debut EP “Stitched on Smile” on Oct. 17, 2016.

They have an upcoming performance at The Ritz “An Unforgettable X-Mas” on Dec. 8. This performance will be their official EP release. The EP is on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Soundcloud, and Pandora. The cover art was created by Ben Hoagland Art and Design.

The EP consists of five songs that the band produced with Undead Media located in Trenton, Michigan. They have also worked with Undead Media (Previously known as Undead Studios) earlier in the year and released a single “Noose” on Soundcloud and YouTube. Besides the EP, they also sell several merchandise items.

If you are interested in Vexatious, you can stay updated with them on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, and Twitter as @VexatiousBand.

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