The Not-So-Dodgefathers lose their winning streak

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The Not-So-Dodgefathers lose their winning streak

Fred Shipp Jr., Reporter

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“If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball,” famously said by Patches O’Houlihan in the movie “Dodgeball.”

This year was the Third Annual MHS Dodgeball Tournament. This year’s tournament was May 5 at 5:30 p.m. in the gym.

The returning champs “The Dodgefathers” held high regards of winning again. Team captain senior Travis Kellems was passed the torch from his older brother Tyler Kellems to carry on the legacy of the dodgeball dynasty, and they did just that. Travis Kellems put together a team who won the championship last year.

Travis Kellems said that he believes they only lost maybe one match last year. The members from last year consist of Travis “The Destroyer” Kellems, along with seniors David “The White Menace” Mink, Craig “The Legend” Couturier, Tanner “Daddy” McElvany, Kevin “Stow?” Couturier and TJ “PT Pounder” Groves.

The Dodgefathers are just good according to Kellems. Couturier said the reason: there’s more to it.

“Chemistry, obviously. We’re all best friends. We’re all on the same page, thinking wise. We got a little strategy planned out, can’t say, though!”

When asked if he thinks they are going to win, Couturier replied, “I know we are going to win,” and when asking Kellems, he said, “The other teams are not ready for us this year.”

This seems to not be the case this year because the Dodgefathers were off their game and got eliminated before the championship. They took home fourth place.

The battle came down to two players sophomore Cole Chappell of Views from the 7 and senior Tanner McElvany of The Dodgefathers.

As an argument went on, Chappell blindly throws the ball and hits McElvany to get the dodgefathers out of the tournament. The play went under further review but an outrage was caused over a call by the officials, resulting in elimination by unsportsmanlike conduct.

Views from the 7 went on to win the championship against Union.

Views from the 7’s team consists of Cole Chappell, along with seniors Jacob Traver, Colin Devenish, Connor Tullis, Grant Chappell, Tony Compora, Cameron Delben, and Andrew Rabines.

Captain Grant Chappell said that “This is the greatest accomplishment I have ever received; we won candy, a medal, and pride!” Grant Chappell passed on some inspiration to the future dodgeball teams by saying, “If you’re not first, you’re last.”

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