Former elementary school of many MHS students to be demolished

Lauren Malik, Reporter

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Former elementary school South Monroe Townsite could be demolished this summer.

The building has been used for the early childhood education programs, Head Start and Great Start Readiness preschool.

The Monroe Public Schools board of education voted to start collecting demolition bids on Mar 22. They hope to have all bids collected by the end of April. (

For the building to continue being used, major upgrades would need to happen. The building needs to be brought up to current code. This includes a new roof and a new parking lot. The cost of these renovations would be nearly $1.4 million.

South Monroe Townsite closed in 2009 due to budget consolidating efforts by Monroe Public Schools. Christiancy, Riverside and Lincoln elementary schools were closed, too (

Monroe Public Schools superintendent Dr. Barry Martin said that the board has considered selling the property, but it appears that it will end up being demolished.

“I was contacted by a member of the South Monroe Townsite Homeowner Association who said they want it demolished after learning the building would be vacated,” Martin said. “They don’t want to look at an empty building.”

The property is zoned as residential, and could host up to eight homes.

Programs taking place at South Monroe Townsite have already made plans to relocate this fall. Monroe Country Intermediate School District, including Head Start, is moving to the Arborwood campus. Monroe Virtual High School will relocate to Riverside beginning in September.

After demolition, Monroe Public Schools hopes to sell the property (

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