“The Women in Black 2: Angel of Death” receives positive feedback

Selena Lara, Reporter

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“The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death” from the first movie is advertised as a horror film. Those going into it are thinking that they will be more scared but end up getting a plot full of deeper meaning and a whole new cast.

This cast of good actors includes Phoebe Fox as Eve Parkins, Helen McCory as Jean Hogg, Oaklee Pendergast as Edward, Jeremy Irvine as Harry Burnstow, and Leanee Best as the woman in black.

In this movie, Eve and Helen had to take a group of orphanage children had to evacuate to a “safe place” after WWII. The safe place that the children, Eve and Helen had to go to was the house in the first movie where the woman in black haunted.

As soon as they got there, Eve could feel a weird vibe with the house and could tell something wasn’t right. She tried telling Helen numerous times, but not until after some of the children started disappearing did Helen agree, leading Eve and seeking help from Harry.

The woman in black favored one child, however, and was protective over him, Edward.

Later on, Eve finds out that maybe it wasn’t a coincidence why the woman in black was haunting her and the orphaned kid.

I enjoyed this movie personally, and if you hadn’t seen the first movie, it still would have been easy to understand. There weren’t too many connections back to the first one.

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