Smoking sets bad example for teens

Kyia Branche, Reporter

October 28, 2014

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It’s highly disgusting seeing and smelling someone who smokes.  Smoking is highly unattractive; it causes a lot of problems with your health, and with your surroundings. Teenagers shouldn’t smoke until they are old enough...

Teachers enforce hat rules for reason

Destiny Harper, Reporter

October 28, 2014

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Students are furious because of the rule that was established last year when Valerie Orr was put into office. Students are no longer allowed to wear hats, nor hoddies while being inside the Monroe High building. Orr says that...

Cyberbullying an epidemic among students

Cindy DePriest, Reporter

October 23, 2014

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Cyberbullying is a huge problem and has cause the lives of many students. Cyber bullying is unnecessary and shouldn’t be happening. The fact that someone has nothing better to do that bully another poor student because of the...

Ebola rumors prove ridiculous

Julia Meyer, Reporter

October 21, 2014

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Everyone knows about the virus that is spreading rapidly across the continent of Africa Ebola.  Should we in America be concerned about this virus coming to our country affecting us? No one should be too worried about it....

Writing initiative tackles problem in wrong way

Lauren Malik, Reporter

October 21, 2014

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This year, the school implemented a new “writing initiative.”  This requires students to write a five paragraph essay containing an introduction, two claim-and-support paragraphs, a counter claim, and a conclusion, in each...

MHS lunch proves zero time to eat

Alexandria Santilana, Reporter

October 20, 2014

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Many students at Monroe High complain about the food it serves. Sure, the pizza is greasy, the nachos are stale and the main meal tastes like cardboard. But, the main problem is the amount of time given to eat. Monroe High...

Buzzer proves waste of MPS money

Colin Lambrix, Reporter

October 20, 2014

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Here at MHS, they have a new type of security system. Instead of giving the school what they actually need, MHS now has a camera at the front doors that allows the office to view late students' ID  cards before they walk through...

The Avengers not pleasing to some

Jordan Burman, Page Editor

June 1, 2012

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The highly anticipated movie The Avengers attracted viewers of all ages. Though I may offend some when I say this, I hated it. This past weekend I went to a drive-in with a bunch of friends and was very excited to see it, yet ...

Attendance policy unfair to students

K'Leigh Carroll, Reporter

May 1, 2012

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The attendance policy at Monroe High allows students to have up to seven absences per trimester. After seven absences students automatically lose the credit for that class despite their current grade. If and when they take the fi...

Reality TV very different, no morals

Jackie Goforth, Reporter

April 24, 2012

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Today, television is all based off reality TV; people want to see real families or people struggling with day-to-day activities. The definition of reality television is a genre of television programming that presents unscripted dramatic or humorous situations, documents actu...

Tardiness too big of deal

Makailyn Ellison, Reporter

April 17, 2012

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Being late to school isn’t a crime. The teachers, on the other hand, act as if it’s a life or death situation. I feel being tardy to your first hour shouldn’t count against you. I can see where teachers might get aggravated...