MHS Orchestra presents ‘Candlelight Classics’ concert

Brady Cicero, Business Editor

Sunday, Dec. 12, the Monroe High School Orchestra performed their “Candlelight Classics” Christmas Concert, beginning at 7:00 pm.

There is a lot that goes into these concerts, and it is crucial to make sure everyone is on the same page. Junior Mackenzie Longfellow, concertmistress of the Orchestra, says that her job is to make sure everyone is “in tune.” 

“We all have rehearsals every day and right before the concert we have a big rehearsal. My job is to make sure everyone sounds good and is in tune.” Longfellow said. 

This Christmas concert has been a long time in the making, and the Orchestra has been rehearsing for months in preparation for the concert. Junior Diamond Thompson says that their practice began after the fall concert in October.

“We started to learn the songs after the fall concert and we have added a few songs along the way.” Thompson said. 

Even with the early preparation for the Christmas concert, getting a whole concert together is no easy task. It should come as no surprise how stressful this can be for the participants, especially when this is the first concert for so many underclassmen.

“I feel like this year was definitely more stressful than I remember, since this year we have two grades that haven’t gone through this process.” Thompson said. 

But even though the concert may be stressful, the best part for everyone is getting to do what they love and play Christmas music. Senior Alexis Baldwin said she loves just getting to play the music itself.

“My favorite part of the whole concert was getting to learn the Christmas music.” Baldwin shared.

Candlelight Classics has been a tradition for years at MHS. This holiday concert is open to all in the Monroe area to come and celebrate the season by enjoying music together in a non-denominational environment.