Retiring MHS history teacher Karla Perez reflects on teaching, love of learning

Brady Cicero, Page Editor

Social Studies teacher and AP History teacher Karla Perez loves school. She loves school so much, in fact, that when she retired this year after 25 years of teaching, she plans to go back to school to earn her PHD. 

Perez has been teaching at Monroe High School for 22 of those 25 years. Perez herself attended the University of Illinois at Chicago where she got her bachelor’s degree and her first masters degree. A little later on, she attended the University of Toledo where she got her second masters degree in education and history, and then became a teacher. Even with all her degrees under her belt, she may go back to school after her retirement at MHS. 

“At some point, I have thought about going back and maybe doing a PHD. I don’t know, we will see what happens.” Perez explained. 

After retirement, Perez plans on continuing scoring student work, volunteering, and also wants to travel the world. 

“I have been scoring for about a decade online for ETS and for IBs, so I will continue doing that. I’d like to pick up what I do in terms of volunteering, finding some ways to be helpful and productive in terms of that. I’d like to go back to my writing, but I really look forward to when it’s safe to be able to travel.” Perez said. 

As a parting message, Perez said she would like to emphasize to students to work towards their goals and accomplish their dreams.  

“Work hard and work towards things that you value,” she said. “Find something that moves you to do better, to help others, to help yourself, and be kind. I think that’s what we all need a lot of right now.”