Special Education teacher Tim Toth reflects on career at MHS, future

Brady Cicero, Page Editor

When Special Education teacher Tim Toth came to Monroe High as a substitute teacher in September of 1983, he never could have guessed that in 2021 he would be retiring from the same school. 

Toth came here with the potential for a permanent position, and then the next year , interviewed for a teaching position, which he was given. Since then, Toth has been in many classrooms and disciplines helping students achieve their goals and achieve success.

Toth said he decided to pursue teaching very early on at the age of 16 because he enjoyed the schooling environment.  

“I have always had a good time in school, it was a place I enjoyed,” Toth said. 

Over the years that he has taught at Monroe High School, a few teachers that he taught alongside have inspired him and had a positive impact on him. 

“Right off the top I have to say Mrs. Zigler’s class, the American History class, would stand out to me, along with Mr. Clark’s economics class. I have an ongoing relationship with both of those people and they are both great teachers.” 

As a parting message, Toth emphasized his enjoyment and appreciation of teaching at Monroe High School. 

“I have really enjoyed my teaching career,” Toth said. “People at Monroe really know how to take care of one another, and I am sure that long after I am in the rearview mirror things will continue to be great here and people will continue to take care of one another.”

Toth said he plans to take his summer off, and then he plans on getting an office job, where he can work with and help other people some more.