Sony and Disney spar over rights to ‘Spiderman’ franchise

Brady Cicero, Page Editor

Whether you are a hard core Marvel fanatic or enjoy a superhero movie here and there, what you maybe didn’t know is: there has been a rivalry stewing for almost a decade now. The major companies Sony and Disney have been fighting over the rights to Spiderman since Disney bought Marvel in 2009. 

It started when Disney started producing movies for the marvel series but ran into an obstacle when trying to do the big-ensemble films without all the players. Some of Marvel’s big hitters were in fact owned by other companies. 

Sony and Disney then came  to a shared custody agreement over Spiderman. Sony would do the solo Spiderman movies with Marvel getting a cut for the publicity they bring the franchise. In turn Marvel got to use him in their movies and Sony got a cut of it because Spiderman was still their property. It worked well for both sides until the agreement ended in 2019 (Washington Post).

In short the two companies no longer want to share after Spiderman Far From Home. Sony tried to sell the movie rights of Spiderman for $10 billion. Disney said no and almost killed off the partnership as a whole before seeing that the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) were not happy. So, the two went on to make a new deal in 2019 that would save the movies and keep the partnership intact. Sony got everything they wanted out of this new deal while Disney got the short end of the stick.

Not too long after this, new deal rumors started spreading that Disney still wanted to buy the rights to Spiderman but for half of what Sony wanted or even less. The kicker here is that there are rumors of Sony being bought by Apple which means that Disney would get the rights for free anyway.

Of course, this is all just speculation but it is not a bad idea for Apple to buy Sony for it’s large electronic products. The uncertainty of Sony’s future gives them no leeway for negotiating because Disney probably won’t buy anyway. Best case scenario is Disney waits and gets the movie rights for free and worse is they wait and Sony doesn’t get bought but Marvel still has the shares of Spiderman that they have now. The best thing Sony could do (if the rumors are true) is to take the five billion before they get bought by Apple so that they get some money. (info provided by the Film Theorists on youtube)

The financials don’t matter that much, but it is cool to see how much everything is worth and how things work out for those big companies. The thing the fans can look forward to either way is that there are going to be some big projects in the making, and even bigger ones if everything works out for Disney. Maybe even a new team of Avengers…