MHS Volleyball season comes to a close

Emilia McLeod, Social Media Editor

Girl’s Varsity 

The 2020 Monroe High girls varsity volleyball season came to a close recently with a record of 12-11, as well as 4-4 in their league.

The season was different from past ones, especially due to the lack of tournaments because of COVID-19. This was a concern for many seniors wanting to pursue an athletic career in college.  Senior Emma Chappell, middle hitter, and a captain, however, shared that the team was still able to demonstrate great strengths regardless of the situation at hand.

“One strength we had was definitely our hitting. As the season progressed, our ball control grew but our hitting was always our strong suit. We knew how to hit smart shots and put that ball down as we needed it,” said Chappell. 

Chappell also shared her personal experience this season.

“This year I was tasked to be a captain, and people saw me as the biggest scorer on the team. It was a lot of pressure and stress, but I got used to it quickly for the sake of the team,” Chappell stated. “Overall, my four years ended differently than what I would have wished, but I wouldn’t have wanted the season to end any other way.”

Girl’s Junior Varsity

The 2020 Monroe High Girls junior varsity volleyball season ended with a record of ___. 

For the team members, one of the most notable differences for this year was the inclusion of wearing masks, but they didn’t let it stop them from playing a great season. Sophomore Kennedy Noblit recalled some of their best moments.

“My favorite game that we played was against Ida because even though we were losing, we pulled it together and beat them in the end. It was definitely one of the best games we played,” stated Noblit. 

Noblit continued on to share her thoughts on the team’s biggest strengths.

“One of our strengths was that there was not a lot of drama, because we were close. I think it really helped us because a team filled with drama cannot play well together. I also think that a big strength was that even if the team lost, we would still be a team and try harder the next game,” said Noblit.

Noblit then went to state her overall thoughts on the team and season.

“This year was different because it was all girls that I’ve never played with before, but now we are all good friends, shared Noblit. “Overall, I loved getting to know my team and I feel lucky to have had the chance to play with them.”

Girl’s Freshman 

The 2020 Monroe High girls freshman volleyball season ended recently, with a closing record of 11-3. Further, one player that showed great skill this season was Alana Aulph, who played as a setter.

For this specific team, a big challenge is playing for a new school, as well as initially making the team with a larger pool of players at the high school, according to one team member, Violet Soule. However, the team overcame such struggles and played a great season. Soule even shared what she considered their best game.

“Our best game this season was against Pinckney because it was our very last game and even though we were lagging behind at the beginning, we worked really hard and ended up winning the game,” said Soule.