MHS Cheerleading adjusts to COVID-19

Brady Cicero, Page Editor

This school year at Monroe High School has been different for everybody. The students who play sports at MHS have had to adjust to this school year in order to be safe from COVID-19. Cheerleading this year had to make big changes in order to keep everyone on the team safe. 

This year, the varsity team practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The JV team practices on Tuesday and Friday, and the Freshman team practices on Wednesdays, all while practicing social distancing and taking other precautions necessary to keep everyone safe from COVID.

Obviously, this cheer season looks different from any season before this one. Junior cheerleader Zaya Wheeler-Long said that the cheer teams made the best out of their cheer season, even though they have new restrictions. 

“A cheer season with COVID has a lot of rules and regulations and not as much team bonding or interacting with each other, but we still had fun and made the best out of the season,” says Wheeler-Long. 

This cheer season is different, and probably won’t return back to normal for quite some time. But for now, safety is more important than having a normal season, and the MHS Sideline Cheer Team is making the best out of the situation.