2020 court assembly kicks off Winterfest week

Samantha Drougel

Brady Cicero, Editor

Every year with winterfest, there is the very anticipated court assembly. Eight students from each grade perform skits in front of the entire school to try and win over their class vote. This year, there was a wide variety of students who wowed the audience with their dances and tricks. 

Freshman Tillie Henderson, Anna Tedora, Catie Lebeck, Owen Yount, Darian Trotter, and Rodney Mayes performed their skits first. Many of the freshman performed Tik Tok dances and Darian Trotter dunked and hung on the basketball hoop. 

Sophomores Gabriella Anderson, Macy Collet, Jayden Ouellette, Analia Biundo, Ashton Hellenberg, Caleb Winkleman, Carson DeSeranno, and Tristan Stanton were the second group to perform their skits. Anderson, Collet, Hellenberg, Winkleman, and DeSeranno performed a “Mr.Legs” Pageant. The other sophomores, Ouellette, Biundo, and Stanton performed a collection of dances in front of the crowd. 

Juniors Evelyn Favreau, Yaire Ramos, Abigail Oetjens, Mallory Everly, Avery Knauer, Chancey Boyce, Jackson Taft, and Landon Stiffler were the third group to perform their skits. Chancey Boyce shocked the audience by singing a rap song. The other seven candidates performed many different dances in front of the crowd.    

Seniors Colton Hirst, Jacob Gladieux, Logan Tucker, Logan Butler, Claire Riddle, Brianna Chamers, Adyn Hallahan, and Kayla Ulrich were the fourth group to perform their skits. This group had a wide variety of skits. Highlights include Hirst and Gladieux reenacting the lift scene from Dirty Dancing, followed by Tucker and Butler pulling Hallahan and Ulrich around the gym on sleds.