Teachers, community paint students nails for prom

Brady Cicero, Reporter

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Students are very excited for the most anticipated dance of the year. Students and teachers alike love getting all dressed up for the one and only prom. This year, senior class advisor Tiagra Delben is hosting a nail event for those attending prom whom cannot afford to get their nails done.

This opportunity is open to the first 50 students to sign up and is completely free. During this event, MHS students can get a manicure and a pedicure for free.

This idea came about when Krysten Thoma who sells “Colored Nails” wanted to help out some senior girls at MHS. Thoma contacted Delben and offered to do student’s nails the day before prom with no charge. “Krysten offered to come and do this for 50 senior girls, she wanted to do something nice for the girls that were going to prom.” Delben said.

Delben isn’t doing this on her own; teachers at MHS and several community members will be helping out at the event. “A handful of teachers, plus several community members will be working on the event. Teachers will be doing the toenails and the community members who sell these ‘Colored Nails’ will be doing them on the ladies’ hands,” Delben said.

Senior Eleni Wohlsaid she is very happy about the thoughtful actions that the staff has shown to the students at MHS. “I think it is really nice,” Wohl said. “Some people don’t have the money to afford to go all out for prom. I think prom is really special, so the fact that Mrs. Delben is taking her time to do nails for kids who couldn’t get them done otherwise is really nice.”

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